Marking a Man Overboard or Other SOS Location

You must connect a VHF radio to the chartplotter before you can use the chartplotter to initiate SOS calls.

You can use the chartplotter to mark a man overboard or SOS location and immediately begin navigating to the marked location. If you have a VHF radio connected to the chartplotter, you can also broadcast the SOS information.

If you have a compatible inReach® device connected to the chartplotter, you can initiate an inReach SOS and communicate with the Garmin Response℠ team while you wait for help to arrive (Sending an inReach SOS Call).

  1. Select SOS.
  2. Select Man Overboard or the SOS type.
  3. If necessary, select Yes to navigate to the SOS location.

If you selected Yes, the chartplotter sets a direct course back to the location.

The call details are sent to the VHF radio. You must send the call using the radio.

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March 2024