Setting the Anchor Drag Alarm

You can set an alarm to sound if you have moved outside an allowable radius you set when configuring the alarm.


The anchor drag alarm is a tool for situational awareness only, and may not prevent grounding or collisions in all circumstances. You are responsible for the safe and prudent operation of your vessel, for remaining aware of your surroundings, and for using safe judgement on the water at all times. Failure to heed this warning could result in property damage, serious personal injury, or death.


The Beeper setting must be turned on to make alarms audible (Sounds and Display Settings). Failure to set audible alarms could lead to injury or property damage.

  1. Select Settings menu > Alarms > Navigation > Anchor Drag.
  2. Select Alarm to turn on the alarm.
  3. Select Set Radius, and select a distance on the chart.
  4. Select Back.
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March 2024