Setting the Heading Line and Angle Markers

The heading line is an extension drawn on the map from the bow of the boat in the direction of travel. Angle markers indicate relative position from the heading or course over ground, which are helpful for casting or finding reference points.

You can show the heading line and the course over ground (COG) line on the chart.

COG is your direction of movement. Heading is the direction the bow of the boat is pointed, when a heading sensor is connected.

  1. From a chart, select Options > Layers > My Vessel > Heading Line > Angle Markers.
  2. If necessary, select Source, and select an option:
    • To automatically use the available source, select Auto.

    • To use the GPS antenna heading for COG, select GPS Heading (COG).

    • To use data from a connected heading sensor, select Heading.

    • To use data from both a connected heading sensor and the GPS antenna, select COG and Heading.

      This displays both the heading line and the COG line on the chart.

  3. Select Display, and select an option:
    • Select Distance > Distance, and enter the length of the line shown on the chart.

    • Select Time > Time, and enter the time used to calculate the distance your boat will travel in the specified time at your present speed.

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March 2024