Pairing the GRID Device with the Chartplotter from the Chartplotter

NOTE: These steps are applicable to both the GRID™ device and the GRID 20 device.

Before you can pair the GRID 20 device with the chartplotter to make the data connection, you must supply power using batteries, the included power cable, or a NMEA 2000® network connection.

Before you can pair the GRID device with the chartplotter, you must connect it to the Garmin® Marine Network.

  1. Select Settings menu > System > Station Information > GRID™ Pairing > Add.
  2. Select an action:
    • On the GRID remote input device, press SELECT.

    • On the GRID 20 remote input device, press Left arrow button and Right arrow button until the remote control beeps three times.

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March 2024