Selecting the Home Zone

If you have multiple stereos connected to the chartplotter, or have a stereo or stereos with multiple speaker zones connected to the chartplotter, you must designate one speaker zone on one stereo as the home zone. The playback and volume controls on the media screen adjust only the stereo or zone set as the home zone. The playback information on the media screen shows the source playing on the Home Zone stereo.

It is recommended to set the home zone as the zone closest to the chartplotter.

NOTE: Some stereos may feature a global zone. Setting a global zone as the home zone allows the controls on the media page to affect all of the zones on a stereo or media device.
NOTE: The Zones button only appears for stereos or media devices that support multiple media zones.
  1. From the media screen, select Options > Home Zone.
  2. If necessary, select a connected stereo.
  3. Select the zone you want to set as the Home Zone.

    The name of the selected home zone appears on the media screen.

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March 2024