Using Heave Compensation on a Sonar View

Before you can use the heave compensation feature on a sonar view, you must install and connect a compatible transducer and heading sensor, and configure their locations on the vessel.

When the necessary equipment is installed, the heave compensation feature activates automatically on the applicable sonar views.

  1. Open a Traditional or RealVü sonar view.
  2. Observe the icon in the lower-left corner of the sonar view.
    Heave compensation active

    The heave compensation feature is working correctly.

    Heave compensation error

    There is a configuration error with one or more of the sensors required for heave compensation. You can select the message banner for more information.

    No icon present

    The necessary transducer, sensor, or both are not installed or configured correctly.

    Heave compensation is not applicable to this sonar view.

    Heave compensation is disabled.

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March 2024