Connecting to a Trolling Motor

You can connect the chartplotter wirelessly to a compatible Garmin® Force® trolling motor on your boat to control the trolling motor from the chartplotter.

  1. Turn on the chartplotter and the trolling motor.
  2. Enable the Wi‑Fi® network on the chartplotter (Setting Up the Wi‑Fi Network).
  3. If multiple chartplotters are connected on the Garmin Marine Network, make sure this chartplotter is the host of the Wi‑Fi network (Changing the Wi‑Fi Host).
  4. On the chartplotter, select Settings menu > Communications > Wireless Devices > Garmin Trolling Motor.
  5. On the trolling motor display panel, press Power button three times to enter pairing mode.

    Pairing symbol on the trolling motor display panel is solid blue as it searches for a connection to the chartplotter, and turns green when the connection is successful.

After the chartplotter and trolling motor connect successfully, enable the trolling motor overlay bar to control the motor (Adding the Trolling Motor Controls to Screens).

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March 2024