Trolling Motor Control Bar

The trolling motor control bar allows you to control a Force® trolling motor and see the status of the motor.

Select an item to engage it. The button illuminates when selected. Select the item again to disengage it.

Trolling motor control bar with callouts

Battery status

Trolling motor battery status.


Turns the propeller on and off.

Minus symbol

Reduces the speed.

Callout number 1

Speed indicator.

Plus symbol

Increases the speed.

Cruise control

Enables the cruise control at the current speed over ground (SOG).

Full speed

Engages the propellor at full speed.

Callout number 2

Trolling motor status.

Anchor lock

Enables anchor lock, which uses the trolling motor to hold your position.

Steer leftSteer right

Steers the trolling motor.

When in anchor lock, jogs the anchor lock position forward, backward, left, or right.

Heading hold

Enables heading hold (set and maintain the current heading).

When the trolling motor is in heading hold, an autopilot bar appears in the trolling motor bar.

Menu symbol

Opens the trolling motor settings.

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March 2024