Calibrating the Compass

Before you can calibrate the compass, the transducer must be installed far enough away from the trolling motor to avoid magnetic interference, and deployed in the water. Calibration must be of sufficient quality to enable the internal compass.

NOTE: The compass may not work if you mount the transducer on the motor.
NOTE: For best results, you should use a heading sensor such as the SteadyCast™ heading sensor. The heading sensor shows the direction the transducer is pointing relative to the boat.
NOTE: Compass calibration is available only for transducers with an internal compass, such as the PS21-TR transducer.

You can begin turning your boat before calibrating, but you must fully rotate your boat 1.5 times during calibration.

  1. From an applicable sonar view, select Options > Sonar Setup > Installation.
  2. If necessary, select Use AHRS to turn on the AHRS sensor.
  3. Select Calibrate Compass.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
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March 2024