Radar Options Menu

From a radar screen, select Options > Radar Options.


Uses the Doppler effect to detect and highlight moving targets to help you avoid potential collisions, find flocks of birds, and track weather formations (MotionScope Doppler Radar Technology). This option is only available on GMR Fantom™ models.

Pulse Exp.

Increases the duration of the transmit pulse, which helps maximize the energy directed toward targets. This helps to enhance the detection and identification of targets. This option is only available on xHD radome and xHD2 open array models.

Target Size

Adjusts the size of targets, by adjusting the pulse compression processing. Select smaller targets for a sharp, high resolution radar image. Select larger targets to display larger echos for point targets, like boats and buoys. This option is only available on GMR Fantom models.

Echo Trails

Enables you to track the movement of vessels on the radar screen. This option is not available on xHD open array or HD/HD+ radome models.


Shows the variable range marker (VRM) circle and the electronic bearing line (EBL) to allow you to measure the distance and bearing from your boat to a target object (VRM and EBL).

Guard Zone

Sets a safe zone around your boat and sounds an alarm when anything enters the zone (Enabling Guard Zones).

Timed Transmit

Helps conserve power by transmitting radar signals at set intervals.

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March 2024