Menu Bar

The menu bar along the bottom of the screen provides access to many functions of the chartplotter, the options menu, and the home screen.

Overlay bar with callout

Autopilot engage button

Engages and disengages the autopilot

Save waypoint button

Creates a waypoint at your location

Where To button

Opens a menu to access navigation features

Callout number 1

Shows certain active function such as radar

Home button

Opens the home screen

TIP: Use the arrows to scroll through the Pinned features.

Warning manager button

This is shown when there are no active alerts or warnings to resolve.

Opens a menu to view warnings and alerts and to access other communication such as AIS and DSC information.

Alert button

Replaces the Warning manager button when there is an active alert or warning to view.

TIP: The icon changes color to indicate severity.

SOS button

Creates an SOS

Toolbars symbol

Allows you to add an overlay to the current page

Menu button

Opens the options menu

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March 2024