Training Load Focus

In order to maximize performance and fitness gains, training should be distributed across three categories: low aerobic, high aerobic, and anaerobic. Training load focus shows you how much of your training is currently in each category and provides training targets. Training load focus requires at least 7 days of training to determine if your training load is low, optimal, or high. After 4 weeks of training history, your training load estimate will have more detailed target information to help you balance your training activities.

Below targets

Your training load is lower than optimal in all intensity categories. Try increasing the duration or frequency of your workouts.

Low aerobic shortage

Try adding more low aerobic activities to provide recovery and balance for your higher intensity activities.

High aerobic shortage

Try adding more high aerobic activities to help improve your lactate threshold and VO2 max. over time.

Anaerobic shortage

Try adding a few more intense, anaerobic activities to improve your speed and anaerobic capacity over time.


Your training load is balanced and provides all-around fitness benefits as you continue training.

Low aerobic focus

Your training load is mostly low aerobic activity. This provides a solid foundation and prepares you for adding more intense workouts.

High aerobic focus

Your training load is mostly high aerobic activity. These activities help to improve lactate threshold, VO2 max., and endurance.

Anaerobic focus

Your training load is mostly intense activity. This leads to rapid fitness gains, but should be balanced with low aerobic activities.

Above targets

Your training load is higher than optimal, and you should consider scaling back the duration and frequency of your workouts.

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March 2024