Viewing Cycling Ability

Before you can view your cycling ability, you must have a 7-day training history, VO2 max. data recorded in your user profile (About VO2 Max. Estimates), and power curve data from a paired power meter (Viewing Your Power Curve).

Cycling ability is a measurement of your performance across three categories: aerobic endurance, aerobic capacity, and anaerobic capacity. Cycling ability includes your current rider type, such as climber. Information you enter in your user profile, such as body weight, also helps determine your rider type (Setting Up Your User Profile).

  1. Press UP or DOWN to view the cycling ability glance.
    NOTE: You may need to add the glance to your glance loop (Customizing the Glance Loop).
  2. Press START to view your current rider type.
  3. Press START to view a detailed analysis of your cycling ability (optional).
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March 2024