Customizing the Battery Saver Feature

The battery saver feature allows you to quickly adjust system settings to extend battery life in watch mode.

You can turn on the battery saver feature from the controls menu (Controls).

  1. Hold Menu symbol.
  2. Select Power Manager > Battery Saver.
  3. Select Status to turn on the battery saver feature.
  4. Select Edit, and select an option:
    • Select Watch Face to enable a low-power watch face that updates once per minute.

    • Select Music to disable listening to music from your watch.

    • Select Phone to disconnect your paired phone.

    • Select Wi-Fi to disconnect from a Wi‑Fi® network.

    • Select Wrist Heart Rate to turn off the wrist heart rate monitor.

    • Select Pulse Oximeter to turn off the pulse oximeter sensor.

    • Select Backlight to disable the automatic backlight.

    The watch displays the hours of battery life gained with each setting change.

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March 2024