Viewing the Body Battery Glance

The Body Battery™ glance displays your current Body Battery level and a graph of your Body Battery level for the last several hours.

  1. Press UP or DOWN to view the Body Battery glance.
    NOTE: You may need to add the glance to your glance loop (Customizing the Glance Loop).
  2. Press START to view a graph of your body battery and stress levels since midnight.

    Body Battery data
  3. Press DOWN to view a more detailed graph of your Body Battery and stress levels.
    • Blue bars indicate periods of rest.

    • Orange bars indicate periods of stress.

    • Green bars indicate timed activities.

    • Gray bars indicate times when you were too active to determine your stress level.

  4. Press DOWN to view a list of factors impacting your Body Battery level.
    TIP: Select each factor to view more details.
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March 2024