Trolling Motor Display Panel

The display panel on the trolling motor mount shows important information at a glance.

NOTE: The backlight on the display panel reacts to the ambient light, and dims automatically at night.

Display panel overview with callout

Callout number one


Shows the motor speed level (Adjusting the Speed of the Motor).

Battery icon

Trolling motor battery status

Green: the motor battery voltage is good.

Yellow: the motor battery voltage is low.

Red: the motor battery voltage is critically low.

GPS icon

GPS signal status

Green: the motor has a good GPS signal.

Yellow: the motor has a poor GPS signal.

Red: the motor does not have a GPS signal.

Synchronization icon

Motor status

Green: the motor is operating normally.

Red (solid): the motor software is starting up.

Red (blinking): there is a system error.

Blue: the motor is in pairing mode.

Yellow: the motor is in recovery mode (for software updates and recovery procedures).

Power button


Hold to turn the motor off.

NOTE: By default, the trolling motor turns on automatically when it receives power. It is not necessary to push this button to turn it on. This can be changed in the settings (Trolling Motor Settings).

The trolling motor turns off automatically when it is in the stowed position for two hours.

When the propeller is turning, press to stop the propeller.

Press three times to enter pairing mode.

Propeller button

Propeller status

Illuminates when the propeller is on (Turning the Propeller On and Off).

Heading hold button

Heading hold status

Illuminates when heading hold is on (Maintaining Your Heading).

Anchor lock button

Anchor lock status

Illuminates when anchor lock is on (Holding Your Position).

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