Stowing the Motor from the Deployed Position


You must allow the drive motor to stop rotating completely to one side before moving it to the stowed position. If the motor is still rotating to one side when you move it to the stowed position, it may damage the steering system.

  1. Pull the pull-cable up until it stops to release the latch, and continue to hold it tight.
  2. Lift the pull-cable up and backward to lift and lower the motor slowly into the stowed position.

    You must adjust the depth of the trolling motor so it rests solidly on the rails of mount base Callout number one in the stowed position (Adjusting the Depth of the Trolling Motor). If the depth is adjusted too shallow, it may press on the gas spring. If the depth is adjusted too deep, it may hang off the end of the mount base. Stowing the motor with the depth adjusted either too deep or too shallow will damage the motor.

    Proper motor stowed position with callout
  3. If necessary, push down on the steering system housing to lock it in the stowed position.
  4. Secure the safety strap (Securing the Safety Strap).
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