Operating the Propeller When Partially Deployed

You can operate the trolling motor propeller with the motor only partially deployed for specific situations, such as when you pass over weeds or submerged obstacles.

  1. With the trolling motor in the deployed position, pull the pull-cable up until it stops to release the latch, and continue to hold it tight.
  2. Lift the pull-cable up and backward to lift the motor slowly until it is in position to pass over the weeds or obstacle.

    The propeller stops rotating, and the motor turns to the side.

  3. Use the remote control or foot pedal to turn on the propeller, and steer the motor as needed.
    NOTE: If you raise the motor beyond the halfway point, the propeller automatically stops as a safety measure, but the motor does not turn to the side.
  4. When you are past the obstacle, slowly lower the motor to the deployed position, or raise the motor to the stowed position.

After operating the motor when partially deployed, you may need to turn the motor to one side manually before raising it to the stowed position so it rests properly on the mount rails.

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