Remote Control Keys

Remote control overview with callout



Callout number one Power button

Hold to turn the remote control on and off.

Cruise control button

Press to turn on and set the cruise control at the current speed over ground (SOG) (Maintaining Your Speed).

Press to disable the cruise control and return to manual speed control.

Full speed button

If the propeller is on, press to set it to full speed (Toggling Full Speed).

If the propeller is off, press to enable the propeller and set it to full speed.

Press again to return to the previous speed and propeller state.

Manual control button

Press for manual control (Steering the Trolling Motor Manually).

Hold to steer using gestures (Using Gesture Controls to Steer).

Propeller button

Press to turn the propeller on and off (Turning the Propeller On and Off).

Up directional arrow button Down directional arrow button

Left directional arrow button Right directional arrow button

Press to navigate the menu (Navigating the Menu).

When in the menu, press to select a menu item, and press to go back.

When in anchor lock, press to jog the anchor lock position forward, backward, left, or right in 1.5 m (5 ft.) increments.

When in heading hold or manual control, press Left directional arrow button and Right directional arrow button for single-degree step turns, or hold for steering in five-degree increments.

Press Up directional arrow button and Down directional arrow button for incremental speed changes, or hold for continuous speed changes.

Heading hold button

Press to turn on heading hold (set and maintain the current heading) (Maintaining Your Heading).

Press to turn off heading hold, stop the propeller, and resume manual control.

Hold to set the heading hold by pointing the remote (Using Gesture Controls to Adjust the Heading Hold).

Anchor lock button

Press to turn on anchor lock. Anchor lock uses the trolling motor to hold your position (Holding Your Position).

When in anchor lock, press to turn off anchor lock and return to the previous steering mode.

Hold to jog the anchor lock position by pointing the remote (Using Gesture Controls to Adjust Your Held Position ).

Menu button

Press to open the menu.

Press to exit the menu.

Mark waypoint button

Press to mark a waypoint.

1 through 4

Press to open the shortcut for the Garmin® chartplotter assigned to the key. 1

1 Requires a connection to a compatible Garmin chartplotter. See your chartplotter owner's manual for instructions.
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