Foot Pedal

You can use the foot pedal to operate the trolling motor.

Foot pedal overview with callouts

Callout number one

Momentary propeller control

Hold to turn on the propeller at the set speed.

Release to turn off the propeller.

Callout number two

Speed wheel

Rotate the wheel away from you to increase the propeller speed or cruise control speed.

Rotate the wheel toward you to decrease the propeller speed or cruise control speed.

NOTE: The speed wheel is inactive when anchor lock is on.

Callout number three

Steering pedal

Push the pedal with your toes to turn the motor clockwise.

Push the pedal with your heel to turn the motor counter-clockwise.

NOTE: When anchor lock or heading hold is on, or you are following a route, press the pedal to resume manual control at the previous propeller speed.

Callout number four

Status LED

Shows the status of the foot pedal (Status Indicator).

Callout number five

Propeller button

Continuous propeller control

Press to turn the propeller on and off (Turning the Propeller On and Off).

Callout number six

Heading hold button

Heading hold

Press to set and maintain the current heading (Maintaining Your Heading).

Press to turn off heading hold, stop the propeller, and resume manual control.

TIP: You can disable this function if you prefer (Disabling the Heading Hold Function on the Foot Pedal).

Callout number seven

Anchor lock button

Anchor lock

Press to turn on anchor lock. Anchor lock uses the trolling motor to hold your position (Holding Your Position).

Press to turn off anchor lock and return to the previous steering mode.

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