Maintenance Needs and Schedule


After using the motor in salt water or brackish water, you must rinse off the entire motor with fresh water, and apply a water-based silicone spray using a soft cloth. You should avoid spraying jets of water at the cap on the top of the shaft when rinsing the motor.

To maintain your warranty, you must perform a series of routine maintenance tasks as you prepare your motor for the season. If you use or transport the motor in dry, dusty environments (traveling on gravel roads, for example) you should perform these tasks more often during the season.

For detailed procedures and information on service and replacement parts, download the Force® Trolling Motor Maintenance Manual from .

Device maintenance overview with callouts
  • Examine the power cable for wear, and patch, repair, or replace as necessary Callout number one.

  • Check and clean the power terminals and tighten the nuts, if necessary Callout number two.

  • Lubricate the hinges and bushings Callout number three.

  • Clean and lubricate the stow and deploy latch mechanism Callout number four.

  • Check the mount rails, and replace them if necessary Callout number five.

  • Check the mount bumper, and replace it if necessary Callout number six.

  • Clean or replace the anodes in the propeller drive motor Callout number seven.

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