Remote Control Screen

Remote control screen with callout

Callout number one

Shows the operational status of the trolling motor.

For example, when in manual control, Manual is shown, and when the heading hold is on, Heading Hold is shown, along with the heading-hold set point in degrees.

Battery icon

Shows the trolling motor battery status.

Green: the motor battery voltage is good.

Yellow: the motor battery voltage is low.

Red: the motor battery voltage is critically low.

TIP: You can change the appearance of the trolling motor battery status so that it shows a numeric value instead of an icon (Trolling Motor Settings).

You can view the remote control battery level by pressing Menu button.

Propeller button

Shows the status of the propeller.

When the propeller icon is shown, the propeller is on. When the propeller icon is not shown, the propeller is off.

GPS icon

Shows the GPS signal strength of the trolling motor.


Shows the speed level of the propeller (Adjusting the Speed of the Motor).

NOTE: When using the cruise control feature, this field is replaced with Cruise control button.


Shows the measured speed over ground (SOG) in the specified units.

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