Maintaining Your Speed

Before you can use the cruise control feature, you must calibrate the trolling motor (Calibrating the Trolling Motor).

The cruise control feature is an autopilot function that sets and maintains a specific speed over ground, adjusting for changes in current and wind automatically.

NOTE: You can enable the cruise control feature from the remote control only, but can control the speed and direction from both the remote control and foot pedal.
  1. On the remote control, press Cruise control button.

    Cruise control is enabled at the present speed.

  2. Using the remote control or foot pedal, adjust the speed as needed.
  3. Using the remote control or foot pedal, adjust the heading as needed.
    TIP: You can use cruise control to set the speed while using the heading hold feature (Maintaining Your Heading) or following a route (Navigating a Route).

To disable cruise control and turn off the propeller, you must press Cruise control button.

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