Adjusting the Speed of the Motor

You can adjust the speed of the trolling motor using the remote control or the foot pedal.

  1. If necessary, press Manual control button on the remote control, or steer with the foot pedal, to enter manual mode.
  2. Select an option:
    • On the remote control, press Up directional arrow button and Down directional arrow button to increase and decrease the speed of the motor.

    • On the foot pedal, rotate the speed wheel away from you and toward you to increase and decrease the speed of the motor.

    The PROP field on the remote control and the bars on the display panel indicate the propeller speed (Trolling Motor Display Panel).

  3. If necessary, turn on the propeller (Turning the Propeller On and Off).

The propeller speed you selected is retained if the propeller is turned off or if you start another function of the motor such as cruise control or anchor lock.

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