Securing the Safety Strap


You are required to secure the safety strap when stowing the trolling motor. Failure to secure the trolling motor in the stowed position using the safety strap may result in unexpected deployment, damaging the boat and trolling motor.

The safety strap holds the motor securely to the base in the stowed position and prevents unintended deployment.

  1. With the motor in the stowed position, lift the long end of the strap Callout number one over the top of the motor.

    Device in stowed postition with callouts
  2. Feed the end of the strap through the buckle Callout number two on the other end of the strap.
  3. Pull the strap through the buckle until it holds the motor securely to the mount.
  4. Pull the strap away from the buckle, and push down to fasten it to the other side of the strap.
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