Advanced Sonar Settings

From a Traditional sonar view, select Menu > Sonar Setup > Advanced.


Allows you to set the depth range on which the sonar is focused. This allows you to zoom in a higher resolution in the focused depth.

When using shift, bottom tracking may not work effectively, because the sonar looks for data within the depth range of the focused area, which may not include the bottom. Using shift also can impact the scroll speed, because data outside the depth range of the focused area is not processed, which reduces the time required to receive and display the data. You can zoom in to the focused area, which enables you to evaluate target returns more closely at a higher resolution than just zooming alone.

Btm. Srch. Limit

Limits the search for the bottom to the depth selected when the Range setting is set to Auto. To minimize the length of time it takes to find the bottom, you can select a depth to limit the search for the bottom. The device will not search for the bottom deeper than the selected depth.

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