Joining the Fusion PartyBus Network

You can play music from other compatible stereos connected to the Fusion PartyBus™ network. One Fusion PartyBus stereo must be connected to the chartplotter using the NMEA 2000® network.

NOTE: A Fusion PartyBus zone stereo, such as the Apollo™ SRX400 zone stereo, cannot stream sources to other Fusion PartyBus devices on the network. Because of this, zone stereos do not appear as available sources in the chartplotter.
  1. From the media screen, select Source.
    NOTE: After few moments, the compatible Fusion PartyBus stereos appear as sources.
  2. Select the Fusion PartyBus stereo.
  3. If necessary, select Source, and select a different source connected to the Fusion PartyBus stereo.

To leave the Fusion PartyBus network, you can select Source > Leave PartyBus.

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