On-Screen Buttons

These on-screen buttons may be displayed on some screens and functions. Some buttons are accessible only in a combination page or SmartMode™ layout or when accessories, such as a radar, are connected.



Return symbol

Clears the on-screen icons and re-centers the screen on the boat

Full screen symbol

Opens a full-screen view of the item

New waypoint symbol

Creates a new waypoint

Route with turns symbol

Creates a route, with turns, to the destination

Add turn symbol

Adds a turn to the route at the selected location

Remove turn symbol

Removes the last added turn from the route

Direct route symbol

Creates a direct route, without turns, to the destination

Auto guidance route symbol

Creates an Auto Guidance route to the destination

Start navigation symbol

Begins navigation

Stop navigation symbol

Ends navigation

Radar transmission symbol

Stops and starts radar transmission

Radar gain symbol

Opens the radar gain adjustment menu

Radar sea clutter symbol

Opens the radar sea clutter adjustment menu

Radar rain clutter symbol

Opens the radar rain clutter adjustment menu

Radar echo trails symbol

Turns on and off the radar echo trails

Acquire radar target symbol

Acquires a radar target and begins tracking it

VRM/EBL line symbol

Shows and sets the VRM/EBL line

Menu symbol

Opens the menu for the page or function

Weather menu symbol

Opens the Weather menu for the page or function

Radar menu symbol

Opens the Radar menu for the page or function

Presets symbol

Opens the Presets menu for the page or function

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