Sonar Sharing

You can view the sonar data from all compatible sources on the Garmin® Marine Network. You can view sonar data from a compatible external sonar module, such as a GCV™ sonar module. In addition, you can view the sonar data from other chartplotters that have a built-in sonar module.

Each chartplotter on the network can display sonar data from every compatible sonar module and transducer on the network, no matter where the chartplotters and transducers are mounted on your boat. For example, from one GPSMAP® 923 device mounted at the back of the boat, you can view the sonar data from another GPSMAP device and Garmin ClearVü™ transducer mounted at the front of your boat.

When sharing sonar data, the values of some sonar settings, such as Range and Gain, are synchronized across the devices on the network. The values of other sonar settings, such as the Appearance settings, are not synchronized and should be configured on each individual device. In addition, the scroll rates of the various traditional and Garmin ClearVü™ sonar views are synchronized to make the split views more cohesive.

NOTE: Using multiple transducers simultaneously can create cross talk, which can be removed by adjusting the Interference sonar setting.
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