Setting the Safe-Zone Collision Alarm


The Beeper setting must be turned on to make alarms audible (Sounds and Display Settings). Failure to set audible alarms could lead to injury or property damage.

Before you can set a collision alarm, you must have a compatible chartplotter connected to an AIS device or radar.

The safe-zone collision alarm is used only with AIS and MARPA. MARPA functionality works with radar. The safe zone is used for collision avoidance and can be customized.

  1. Select Settings > Alarms > Collision Alarm > On.

    A message banner appears and an alarm sounds when a MARPA-tagged object or an AIS-activated vessel enters the safe-zone area around your boat. The object is also labeled as dangerous on the screen. When the alarm is off, the message banner and audible alarm are disabled, but the object is still labeled as dangerous on the screen.

  2. Select Range, and select a distance for the safe-zone radius around your vessel.
  3. Select Time To, and select a time at which the alarm will sound if a target is determined to intersect the safe zone.

    For example, to be notified of a pending intersection 10 minutes before it will likely occur, set Time To to 10, and the alarm will sound 10 minutes before the vessel intersects the safe zone.

  4. Select MARPA Alarm, and select an option for when the alarm sounds for MARPA-tagged objects.
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