Inserting Memory Cards (GPSMAP 7x2/9x2/12x2 Touch/A12/7x2 Plus/9x2 Plus/12x2 Plus)

You can use optional memory cards with the chartplotter. Map cards allow you to view high-resolution satellite imagery and aerial reference photos of ports, harbors, marinas, and other points of interest. You can use blank memory cards to record Garmin Quickdraw™ Contours mapping, record sonar (with a compatible transducer), transfer data such as waypoints and routes to another compatible chartplotter or a computer, and use the ActiveCaptain® app.

This device supports up to a 32 GB memory card, formatted to FAT32 with speed class 4 or higher. Use of an 8 GB or higher memory card with speed class 10 is recommended. 12x2/A12 models use an SD® memory card. 7x2/9x2 models use a microSD® memory card. A memory card is not included with GPSMAP® 7x2/9x2/12x2/A12 models.

  1. Open the access flap or door Callout number one on the front of the chartplotter.

    Memory card insertion with callouts
  2. Insert the memory card Callout number two.
  3. Press the card in until it clicks.
  4. Clean and dry the gasket and door.

    To prevent corrosion, be sure the memory card, gasket, and door are thoroughly dry before closing the door.

  5. Close the door.
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