Memory Cards

You can use optional memory cards with the chartplotter. Map cards allow you to view high-resolution satellite imagery and aerial reference photos of ports, harbors, marinas, and other points of interest. You can use blank memory cards to record Garmin Quickdraw™ Contours mapping, record sonar (with a compatible transducer), transfer data such as waypoints and routes to another compatible chartplotter or a computer, and use the ActiveCaptain® app.

This device supports up to a 32 GB memory card, formatted to FAT32 with speed class 4 or higher. Use of an 8 GB or higher memory card with speed class 10 is recommended. An 8 GB memory card is included with GPSMAP® 7x3/9x3/12x3 models.


Memory Card Location

Memory Card Type

GPSMAP 7x2/7x2 Plus

Front of the device


GPSMAP 9x2/9x2 Plus

Front of the device


GPSMAP 12x2 Touch/A12/12x2 Plus

Front of the device


GPSMAP 7x3/9x3/12x3

Back of the device


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