Adding a SmartMode Layout

You can add SmartMode™ layouts to suit your needs. Each customization made to one SmartMode layout for the home screen in a station appears on all displays in the station.

  1. From the home screen, select SmartMode™ > Menu > Add Layout.
  2. Select an option:
    • To change the name, select Name & Symbol > Name, enter a new name, and select Done.

    • To change the SmartMode symbol, select Name & Symbol > Symbol, and select a new symbol.

    • To change the number of functions shown and the layout of the screen, select Layout, and select an option.

    • To change the function of a portion of the screen, select the window to change, and select a function from the list on the right.

    • To change how the screens are split, drag the arrows to a new location.

    • To change the data shown on the page and additional data bars, select Overlays, and select an option.

    • To assign a preset to a portion of the SmartMode screen, select Presets > Include, and select a preset from the list on the right.

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