Showing AIS Vessels on the Radar Screen

AIS requires the use of an external AIS device and active transponder signals from other vessels.

You can configure how other vessels appear on the Radar screen. If any setting (except the AIS display range) is configured for one radar mode, the setting is applied to every other radar mode. The details and projected heading settings configured for one radar mode are applied to every other radar mode and to the Radar overlay.

  1. From a Radar screen or the Radar overlay, select Menu > Layers > Other Vessels > AIS.
  2. Select an option:
    • To indicate the distance from your location within which AIS vessels appear, select Display Range, and select a distance.

    • To show details about AIS-activated vessels, select Details > Show.

    • To set the projected heading time for AIS-activated vessels, select Proj. Heading, and enter the time.

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