Customizing the Data Overlays

You can customize the data in the data overlays shown on a screen.
Data fields
  1. Select an option based on the type of screen you are viewing:
    • From a full screen view, select Menu > Edit Overlays.

    • From a combination screen, select Menu > Edit Combo > Edit Overlays.

    • From a SmartMode™ screen, select Menu > Edit Layout.

    TIP: To quickly change the data shown in an overlay box, hold the overlay box.
  2. Select an item to customize the data and data bar:
    • To change the data shown in an overlay box, select the overlay box, select the new data to show, and select Back.

    • To select the location and layout of the data overlay bar, select Edit Layout, and select an option.

    • To customize the information shown when navigating, select Navigation, and select an option.

    • To turn on other data bars, like the media controls, select Top Bar or Bottom Bar, and select the necessary options.

  3. Select Done.
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