HDMI Out Video Considerations


To prevent corrosion due to moisture, you must use Garmin® GPSMAP® accessory cables when connecting the chartplotter to the video display. Using different cables voids your warranty.

The GPSMAP A12/12x3 chartplotter models have HDMI® out capability to duplicate the chartplotter screen on another device, such as a television or monitor.

The Garmin GPSMAP HDMI accessory cable is 4.5 m (15 ft.) long. If you need a longer cable, you should use an active HDMI cable only. You need an HDMI coupler to connect the two HDMI cables.

You must make all cable connections in a dry environment.

Block diagram



Callout number one

GPSMAP A12/12x3 chartplotter

Callout number two


Callout number three

Display with an HDMI In port, such as a computer or television

Callout number four

Dry environment, protected from moisture

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