Browsing for and Navigating a Saved Route

Before you can browse a list of routes and navigate to one of them, you must create and save at least one route.

  1. Select Info > User Data > Routes & Auto Guidance Paths.
  2. Select a route.
  3. Select Navigate To.
  4. Select an option:
    • To navigate the route from the starting point used when the route was created, select Forward.

    • To navigate the route from the destination point used when the route was created, select Backward.

    A magenta line appears. In the center of the magenta line is a thinner purple line that represents the corrected course from your present location to the destination. The corrected course is dynamic, and it moves with your boat when you are off course.

  5. Review the course indicated by the magenta line.
  6. Follow the magenta line along each leg in the route, steering to avoid land, shallow water, and other obstacles.
  7. If you are off course, follow the purple line (corrected course) to go to your destination, or steer back to the magenta line (direct course).
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