Radar Setup Menu

From a radar screen, select Menu > Radar Setup.


Selects the radar source when more than one radar is connected to the network.

Chart Display

Shows the chart under the radar image. When enabled, the Layers menu appears.


Sets the perspective of the radar display.

Crosstalk Rej.

Reduces the appearance of clutter caused by interference from another nearby radar source.

Rotation Spd.

Sets the preferred speed at which the radar rotates. The High Speed option can be used to increase the refresh rate. In some situations, the radar automatically rotates at the normal speed to improve detection, for example, when a longer range is selected or when MotionScope or Dual range is used.


Sets the color scheme, look-ahead speed, and navigation appearance.


Allows you to configure the radar for the installation, such as setting the front of the boat and the antenna park position.

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