Sharing Your Garmin Quickdraw Contours Maps with the Garmin Quickdraw Community Using Garmin Connect

You can share Garmin Quickdraw™ Contours maps that you have created with others in the Garmin Quickdraw Community.

When you share a contour map, only the contour map is shared. Your waypoints are not shared.

  1. Insert a memory card into the card slot (Memory Cards).
  2. Insert the memory card into your computer.
  3. Access the Garmin Quickdraw Community (Connecting to the Garmin Quickdraw Community with Garmin Connect ).
  4. Select Share Your Contours.
  5. Browse to your memory card, and select the /Garmin folder.
  6. Open the Quickdraw folder, and select the file named ContoursLog.svy.

After the file is uploaded, delete the ContoursLog.svy file from your memory card to avoid issues with future uploads. Your data will not be lost.

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