Adjusting the Range of the Depth or Width Scale

You can adjust the range of the depth scale traditional and Garmin ClearVü™ sonar views and the range of the width scale for the SideVü sonar view.

Allowing the device to adjust the range automatically keeps the bottom within the lower or outer third of the sonar screen, and can be useful for tracking a bottom that has minimal or moderate terrain changes.

Manually adjusting the range enables you to view a specified range, which can be useful for tracking a bottom that has large terrain changes, such as a drop-offs or cliffs. The bottom can appear on the screen as long as it appears within the range you have set.

  1. From a sonar view, select Menu > Range.
  2. Select an option:
    • To allow the chartplotter to adjust the range automatically, select Auto.

    • To increase or decrease the range manually, select Up or Down.

    TIP: From the sonar screen, you can select Plus symbol or Minus symbol to manually adjust the range.
    TIP: When viewing multiple sonar screens, you can select Select to choose the active screen.
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