Premium Charts


All route and navigation lines displayed on the chartplotter are only intended to provide general route guidance or to identify proper channels, and are not intended to be precisely followed. Always defer to the navaids and conditions on the water when navigating to avoid groundings or hazards that could result in vessel damage, personal injury, or death.


The Auto Guidance feature is based on electronic chart information. That data does not ensure obstacle and bottom clearance. Carefully compare the course to all visual sightings, and avoid any land, shallow water, or other obstacles that may be in your path.

NOTE: Not all models support all charts.

Optional premium charts, such as BlueChart® g3 Vision, allow you to get the most out of your chartplotter. In addition to detailed marine charting, premium charts may contain these features, which are available in some areas.

Mariner’s Eye 3D

Provides a view from above and behind the boat for a three-dimensional navigation aid.

Fish Eye 3D

Provides an underwater, three-dimensional view that visually represents the sea floor according to the information on the chart.

Fishing Charts

Shows the chart with enhanced bottom contours and without navigational data. This chart works well for offshore deep-sea fishing.

High Resolution Satellite Imagery

Provides high-resolution satellite images for a realistic view of the land and water on the Navigation chart (Showing Satellite Imagery on the Navigation Chart).

Aerial Photos

Shows marinas and other navigationally significant aerial photos to help you visualize your surroundings (Viewing Aerial Photos of Landmarks).

Detailed Roads and POI data

Shows detailed road and point of interest (POI) data, which includes highly detailed coastal roads and POIs such as restaurants, lodging, and local attractions.

Auto Guidance

Uses specified information about your vessel and chart data to determine the best path to your destination.

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