Adjusting Sea Clutter on the Radar Screen

You can adjust the appearance of clutter caused by choppy sea conditions. The sea clutter setting affects the appearance of nearby clutter and targets more than it affects the appearance of distant clutter and targets. A higher sea clutter setting reduces the appearance of clutter caused by nearby waves, but it can also reduce or eliminate the appearance of nearby targets.

NOTE: Depending upon the radar in use, the sea clutter setting configured for use in one radar mode may or may not be applied to other radar modes or to the radar overlay.
NOTE: Not all options and settings are available on all radar and chartplotter models.
  1. From a radar screen or the radar overlay, select Menu > Radar Filters > Sea Clutter.
  2. Select an option:.
    • Select an Auto option based on the sea conditions.

    • Select Up or Down to adjust the appearance of sea clutter until other targets are clearly visible on the radar screen. Select a setting that reflects the present sea conditions.

    Clutter caused by sea conditions may still be visible.

When using a compatible radar model, the chartplotter adjusts the sea clutter based on the sea conditions automatically.

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