Installing the Out-Front Mount

  1. Select a secure location to mount the Edge® device where it does not interfere with the safe operation of your bike.
  2. Use the hex key to remove the screw Callout number one from the handlebar connector Callout number two.

    bike mount with callouts
  3. If necessary, remove the two screws on the back side of the mount Callout number three, rotate the connector Callout number four, and replace the screws to change the orientation of the mount.
  4. Place the rubber pad around the handlebar:
    • If the handlebar diameter is 25.4 mm, use the thicker pad.

    • If the handlebar diameter is 31.8 mm, use the thinner pad.

  5. Place the handlebar connector around the rubber pad.
  6. Replace and tighten the screw.
    NOTE: Garmin® recommends a torque specification of 7 lbf-in. (0.8 N-m). You should check the tightness of the screw periodically.
  7. Align the tabs on the back of the Edge device with the bike mount notches Callout number five.

    Bike mount with a callout
  8. Press down slightly and turn the Edge device clockwise until it locks into place.
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