Planning and Riding a Course

You can create and ride a custom course. A course is a sequence of waypoints or locations that leads you to your final destination.

  1. Select Navigation > Courses > Course Creator > Add First Location.
  2. Select an option:
    • To select your current location on the map, select Current Location.

    • To select a saved location, select Saved, and select a location.

    • To select a location for which you recently searched, select Recent Finds, and select a location.

    • To select a location on the map, select Use Map, and select a location.

    • To browse for and select a point of interest, select POI Categories, and select a nearby point of interest.

    • To select a city, select Cities, and select a nearby city.

    • To select an address, select Addresses, and enter the address.

    • To select an intersection, select Intersections, and enter the street names.

    • To use coordinates, select Coordinates, and enter the coordinates.

  3. Select Use.
  4. Select Add Next Location.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 until you have selected all locations for the route.
  6. Select View Map.

    The device calculates your route, and a map of the route appears.

    TIP: You can select Elevation symbol to view an elevation plot of the route.
  7. Select Ride.
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