Racing a Segment

Segments are virtual race courses. You can race a segment, and compare your performance to past activities, other riders' performance, connections in your Garmin Connect™ account, or other members of the cycling community. You can upload your activity data to your Garmin Connect account to view your segment position.
NOTE: If your Garmin Connect account and Strava™ account are linked, your activity is automatically sent to your Strava account so you can review the segment position.
  1. Select Pause play symbol to start the activity timer, and go for a ride.

    When your path crosses an enabled segment, you can race the segment.

  2. Start racing the segment.

    The segment data screen appears automatically.

    Segment data
  3. If necessary, use the arrows to change your goal during your race.

    You can race against the segment leader, your past performance, or other riders (if applicable). The goal automatically adjusts based on your current performance.

A message appears when the segment is complete.

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