Creating a Workout

  1. Select Training > Workouts > Create New.
  2. Enter a workout name, and select Checkmark.
  3. Select Step Type to specify the type of workout step.

    For example, select Rest to use the step as a rest lap.

    During a rest lap, the timer continues to run and data is recorded.

  4. Select Duration to specify how the step is measured.

    For example, select Distance to end the step after a specific distance.

  5. If necessary, enter a custom value for the duration.
  6. Select Target to choose your goal during the step.

    For example, select Heart Rate Zone to maintain a consistent heart rate during the step.

  7. If necessary, select a target zone or enter a custom range.

    For example, you can select a heart rate zone. Each time you exceed or drop below the specified heart rate, the device beeps and displays a message.

  8. Select Checkmark to save the step.
  9. Select Add New Step to add additional steps to the workout.
  10. Select Checkmark to save the workout.
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