Using an ANT‍+® Indoor Trainer

Before you can use a compatible ANT‍+ indoor trainer, you must mount your bike on the trainer and pair it with your device (Pairing Your ANT‍+® Indoor Trainer).

You can use your device with an indoor trainer to simulate resistance while following a course, activity, or workout. While using an indoor trainer, GPS is turned off automatically.

  1. Select Training > Indoor Trainer.
  2. Select an option:
    • Select Follow a Course to follow a saved course (Courses).

    • Select Follow an Activity to follow a saved ride (Going for a Ride).

    • Select Follow a Workout to follow a power-based workout downloaded from your Garmin Connect™ account (Workouts).

  3. Select a course, activity, or workout.
  4. Select Ride.
  5. Select an activity profile.
  6. Select to start the timer.

    The trainer increases or decreases resistance based on the elevation information in the course or ride.