Map Settings

Select Menu > Settings > Activity Profiles, select a profile, and select Navigation > Map.

Map Theme

Adjusts the appearance of the map for your ride type. (Map Themes)

Popularity Map

Highlights popular roads or trails for your ride type. The darker the road or trail, the more popular.


Sets how the map is shown on the page.

Auto Zoom

Automatically selects a zoom level for the map. When Off is selected, you must zoom in or out manually.

Guide Text

Sets when the turn-by-turn navigation prompts are shown (requires routable maps).

Map Visibility

Allows you to change the appearance of the map.

Map Information

Enables or disables the maps currently loaded on the device.

History Line Color

Allows you to change the line color of the path you have traveled.

Draw Contours

Shows or hides contour lines on the map.

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