Starting a GroupTrack Session

Before you can start a GroupTrack session, you must have a smartphone with the Garmin Connect™ app paired to your device (Pairing Your Smartphone).

During a ride, you can see the riders in your GroupTrack session on the map.

  1. On the Edge® device, select Menu > Settings > Safety & Tracking > GroupTrack to enable viewing connections on the map screen.
  2. From the Garmin Connect app, select Menu symbol or Menu symbol.
  3. Select Safety & Tracking > LiveTrack > Menu > Settings > GroupTrack > All Connections.
  4. Select Start LiveTrack.
  5. On the Edge device, select Start stop symbol, and go for a ride.
  6. Scroll to the map to view your connections.

    Map with GroupTrack data
  7. Scroll to the GroupTrack list.

    You can select a rider from the list, and that rider appears centered on the map.

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