Health and Wellness Settings

Hold MENU, and select Health & Wellness.

Heart Rate

Allows you to customize the wrist heart rate monitor settings (Wrist Heart Rate Monitor Settings).

Pulse Ox Mode

Allows you to select a pulse oximeter mode (Setting the Pulse Oximeter Mode).

Move Alert

Enables or disables the Move Alert feature (Using the Move Alert).

Goal Alerts

Allows you to turn on and off goal alerts, or turn them off only during activities. Goal alerts appear for your daily steps goal, daily floors climbed goal, and weekly intensity minutes goal.

Move IQ

Allows you to turn on and off Garmin Move IQ™ events. When your movements match familiar exercise patterns, the Garmin Move IQ feature automatically detects the event and displays it in your timeline. The Garmin Move IQ events show activity type and duration, but they do not appear in your activities list or newsfeed. For more detail and accuracy, you can record a timed activity on your device.

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September 2023